Saturday, December 22, 2007

Guess who I saw at Barnes and Noble!

During my marathon shopping this past Thursday I popped into Barnes and Noble. Ha! Does one really just pop into that literary sanctuary? I don't think so. At least I didn't venture past the first display into the children's section!!

Anyway. I digress. As I wandered the aisles I heard a voice that sounded vaguely familiar. "Who is that?," I wondered. So I browsed a little closer to the voice. I observed a man having a conversation with the woman behind the gift wrap table. He looked familiar. Not from my personal life. "In town spending the holidays with my mom," he said.

I realized I recognized him from television or movies. But his name escaped me. For the life of me I couldn't think of his name or on what show/movie I have seen him. I briefly considered asking the lady (after he left of course) what his name was. After all, I have a blog and bloggityville is very concerned with my celebrity sightings. I decided asking the gift wrap lady was just too pathetic and determined to search the web.

I wracked my brain the rest of the evening and finally came up with "James." But James What I just couldn't get. So while on the computer I started a search. I explained to Joel what I was doing. And don't you know, with only the first name to go on, my adorable husband supplied me with the correct name without the aid of google. Isn't he smart?!

In case you're curious, you can go here to see who I saw. And by all means, feel free to share any celebrity sighting stories you have in the comments. = )


mer said...

Cool, Stephanie. I would have had to ask who he was too!

Hope your Christmas was merry and blessed!


Shayna said...

Ooh, James Woods! Hey, celebrities go to B&N and have families too! (It's about 50/50 whether I would have remembered his name.)

I once saw Nicholas Brendan while visiting friends in San Diego and taking a day trip to Los Angeles. He was out behind a restaurant facing the beach. Not an exciting or even recognizable celebrity sighting, unless one is a fan of Buffy the Vamprire Slayer, which we were. :)

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