Family Activities

Family activities are a priority for our family. The only criteria for our activities is that they include at least two members of our family. Our favorite activities usually take place outside and create fun new memories.

I've divided family activities posts under 4 labels: Outings and Vacations; Outdoor Fun; Indoor Fun; Holidays and Celebrations.

Below you will find popular samples of each label. Click on the label links for more posts on each topic.

Outings and Vacations

You'll find reviews, tips, and lots of pictures from our day trips and vacation travels under the Outings and Vacations label.

Outdoor Fun

We spend a lot of time outdoors hiking, playing games, or eating picnics. You'll find that and more under the Outdoor Fun label.

Indoor Fun

We live in New England which means we're indoors from December to April. To keep ourselves from going stir-crazy we play games, watch videos, and build stuff. You'll find that and more under the Indoor Fun label.

Holidays and Celebrations

We love to celebrate! As you'll soon see under the Holidays and Celebrations label.

Didn't find what you were looking for?  Email me at and I'll try to help find the answer.

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