Monday, August 29, 2011

Princess Party Ideas

Today is my daughter's 5th birthday. Last night she lay in her bed yelling, "I TURN 5 TOMORROW! I TURN 5 TOMORROW! I TURN 5 TOMORROW!!" You could say she's a little excited about it.

Five is a big birthday at our house so Ellie hosted 7 of her friends for a party on Friday. Ellie and I discussed every aspect of her party multiple times. In other words, she about wore me out talking about her party!

For activities we colored Princess printables I found online. Then I painted fingernails with quick dry polish; sparkly pink was the polish of choice for the day. One word of advice - be sure to ask moms if this is OK. One girl at our party had never had her nails painted before. I still feel a little bad about taking away this "first" from her mom. It just never occurred to me to ask about it ahead of time.

We also used sparkly foam heart and flower stickers to decorate wands and Princess hats. The wands come from the dollar store and the hats were from A.C. Moore. 

The hats were a huge hit with all the girls. They were plain cone shaped party hats. Ahead of time I snipped the point off, cut strips of tulle and threaded them through the cone. A large knot on the inside keeps the tulle from pulling out.

After all our decorating we played Pin the Jewel on the Crown (see behind Ellie). This game didn't go over well with the girls. They just didn't seem to understand the point or enjoy the blindfold and spinning.

Ellie and I looked at hundreds of cake images via Google to decide on her cake. She really liked a simple cake with just Disney princess figures on top. Cake decorating is not one of my talents so I rejoiced that she wanted such a simple cake.

I found a collection of the Princesses at Toys R Us (along with shoes and dresses). The set became an early present for her so we could decorate the cake. I also found the candy decorations at A.C. Moore in the cake department. It's pretty pitiful looking but Ellie loved it and that's what matters.

For thank you bags Ellie decorated plain pink bags with Princess stickers. Then we filled them with Princess items we found at the dollar store. Here's my big tip for party planning - ALWAYS check your local dollar store! We bought 20 pack cups, plates and napkins for $1 each. They even had princess napkins and cups! MUCH cheaper than a party store!

Ellie had a wonderful time celebrating her 5th birthday with all of her friends. I on the other hand am still wondering how my baby girl can possibly be five!!!

Have you hosted a Princess Party? What ideas did you use?


Amy said...

Definitely looks like a special, girly party! Love how you did the hats--very clever and cute! We've never had a princess party; however, a certain 2 year old is talking a lot about Fancy Nancy, so we may have a girly party coming up before too long! Thanks for sharing!

TryItMom said...

Happy Birthday, Ellie! Posts like this make me want to try again for a girl, or maybe just host a princess party for myself :P

Stephanie said...

Amy, I feel confident that you have many girlie girl parties in your future!

The hats were super simple. I actually intended to buy foam crown visors to be decorated. The visors and cone hats were both $1. When I explained my tulle idea to Ellie she wanted that instead of the crowns. The tulle was $1.99 a yard at Joann's Fabric but I'm sure you could shop around for cheaper. I used white and the color of the cone (yellow or purple) for each hat. 1 yard of tulle was enough for 4 hats - depending on how full you wanted the streamers to be. I put the tulle through each hat ahead of time so all the girls had to do was put on their stickers. VERY fun and so cute!

Stephanie said...

Try It Mom, my one little dose of pink definitely changes the whole dynamic of our family. :) I can absolutely see a group of moms enjoying a princess party just for them. :D

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Happy Birthday Ellie! Hard to believe you are 5 already!

The party ideas are great! We have not done a princess party, but this looks really cute and fun! I will have to file this away for a future birthday. : )

Carrie said...

You did a fantastic job! She looks pretty happy with the results! =)

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