Friday, March 18, 2011

Maple Syrup Tour in Massachusetts :: Family Fun Friday

Last year we started a new tradition - attending the Maple Sugar Days at River Bend Farm Visitor Center in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

This free, family-friendly event takes place the first 3 weekends in March.  If you are in the area I HIGHLY recommend it!

The highlight of the event is a tour explaining the process of collecting Maple sap and turning it into syrup.

First, you determine if the Maple tree is big enough to tap.  If the tree has a circumference of 10 inches or more it's big enough.  You can use a tape measure and multiply by 3.14 or you can just hug the tree.  If your hands don't meet then the tree is probably big enough.

Ben and Mia hug a tree.

Next you drill a hole into the tree.

You have to position your tongue just right!
After drilling the hole, hammer in a tap.

Notice the sap dripping off of the tap!!
Now it's time to hang your bucket and cover to catch all of the sap.

Once you've collected the sap you strain out any debris and pump it into the evaporator.

Checking if the sap has turned to syrup.

Last but not least, we get to the best part of the tour - samples!!

Maple Tea - sap reduced to 10%
Maple Cream - syrup that is whipped

Maple Sugar - like brown sugar with maple flavor
 This tour definitely gives you a whole new appreciation for maple syrup!!

Have you made maple syrup?  Do you have a favorite recipe that uses maple syrup?


Pinkshoelady said...

I have read some of your entries to the She Speaks Conference and would like to encourage you to come. I too am trying for the scholorships because money is tight for our family, so I can't offer you any funds. But I could offer you a ride from the airport in Charlotte. I did this for some ladies last year and would love to do that for you. I believe God has a calling for you and if this is a simple way to support that calling I'd be blessed to do so. I realize you don't know me. So here is some further contact info. I am on facebook as Pamela Thrift Robinson. Please continue to pray about attending She Speaks. I am suee that He will supply the way if you are to come!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I'm loving Texas (surprised how easy the transition has been), but I miss this sort of thing!!

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