Running a muck while apple picking!

Welcome to Stephanie's Mommy Brain!

I'm Stephanie.

I launched Stephanie's Mommy Brain in July 2007 as a way to connect with other moms and express my creativity. (The picture above may or may not be an accurate representation of that creativity.)

Those early posts were written while my 2 and 4 year old sons slept. More often than not, I was one-hand typing while holding my infant daughter and praying she slept.

Some Things Change, Some Things Stay the Same

My life looks a lot different 4.5 years later. I have 4 kids instead of 3 and, sadly, there are no babies in the house. I also spend my mornings homeschooling instead of watching Barney (NOT sad about that!).

Oddly enough, some things haven't changed. I still blog while my kids sleep. I also still blog as a way to connect with other moms and express my creativity.

Passion for Moms

Through blogging I realized I have a passion to provide practical encouragement for other moms. I love sharing home management tips, great children's books, and family activity ideas.

Sometimes I worry that moms see smiling children, a clean house, and fun activities in my photos and think I'm a perfect "Super Mom." I'm NOT. That's why I occasionally share my frustrations, fears, and failures as a mom. My Mom2Mom posts remind us both that I'm an ordinary mom doing the best I can, just like you.

I hope you find something useful or inspiring as you poke around here at Stephanie's Mommy Brain. Please be sure to introduce yourself in the comments or on Facebook. I'd love to get to know you!

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