Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Second Christmas Tree

It's not Christmas without a Christmas tree, right?

That's the way Grammy feels, so she loaded up her collection of family ornaments and her artificial tree and brought them to Tennessee for our week together.

The kids enjoyed watching Grammy unwrap each ornament.  She also explained where it had come from and her memories connected to it.  Some ornaments came from exotic places around the world (my in-laws were missionaries for 30+ years) while others were made by Joel and his sister as children.

The kids took turns hanging ornaments on the tree. 

Even Sammy hung a few ornaments (with help).

The end result was a beautiful tree 
(in a space that BEGGED for a tree 3 times its size).

I love this picture!!  I'm so glad Grammy decided to bring her tree and ornaments and share them with us.  It gave me a glimpse of myself 30 years from now as I share our field trip ornaments.

How many Christmas trees did you have this year?


Carrie said...

That house looks AMAZING!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What a great idea! The tree looks beautiful and it sounds like a wonderful time spent with family!

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