Wednesday, June 23, 2010

1st Day of Summer Celebration (Part 1)

On Monday Sam and I invited you to join us in celebrating the 1st official day of Summer.  Did you accept our invitation?

Yesterday's Zoo and animal book recommendations post was a hint about how we celebrated the first day of Summer.  We visited Roger Williams Park Zoo!!

Roger Williams Park Zoo is kind of small but they have some fun displays.  It is also one of the oldest zoos in the country.

The three female African elephants are always fun to watch.  This one flapped her ears for us and grabbed some hay hanging in a basket over her head.

Next door to the elephants are the giraffes.  This male has the great fortune of sharing his space with 2 females.  RWPZ has a VERY busy giraffe breeding program as a result!  In fact, a year or so ago some zoo visitors had the unexpected experience of watching a giraffe being born!!

We also walked through the Farmyard exhibit where rare or unusual breeds of farm animals are kept.  This goat knew just where to lay in order to receive a good petting!

After our picnic lunch, Will, Ben and Ellie took a "ride" on this camel.  He doesn't go very fast but he doesn't smell as bad as the one on the other side of the fence does!

As usual we enjoyed our visit to the zoo!  I'm sure we'll go back before the summer is over.

So, what did you do to celebrate the first official day of summer?

It's not too late to join in the fun.  And if you're out of ideas just visit Offering Hospitality to see what other families have done.


Amy Haynes said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all! Great pictures!

Carrie said...

=D That sounds like tons of fun! (Hence the Zoo book post the other day, huh?!) ;)

Yeah, that's the kind of camel I'd like to ride.

Well, for a small zoo they sure do seem to have a lot of fun animals! I can't wait to hear what Part II holds.

Trace said...

Those are some great pics! I especially love the one of the elephant!
What a wonderful way to spend the first day of Summer!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Love the pictures. You know we love the zoo too. Funny that you mention the giraffe breeding program. We actually saw a giraffe from RI in a zoo near here (cannot remember if it was Cincinnati or Atlanta). We thought it was cool to see a fellow Rhode Islander. : )

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