Friday, March 19, 2010

Talk like a Chipmunk on Family Fun Friday

My family speaks a private language.  It's not like pig latin or anything formal.  In fact, I'm sure YOUR family has a private language, too.  You know, those words, phrases and jokes that only family members really understand.

A number of songs, movies and books have influenced our language.  VeggieTales ("Stand up, stand up for what you believe in, believe in).  The Chronicles of Narnia (Who's the real High King?  Jesus).  And The Chipmunks ("Mamas, don't let your babies grow-up to be chipmunks.").

Yes, I said The Chipmunks.  I'm NOT referring to the furry creatures that play in the woods.  I'm talking about Alvin, Simon, Theodore (singing their theme song now?).

I grew up watching the animated t.v. show so when Joel brought home a music c.d. and the live action movie from the library I just laughed.  I knew the Chipmunks would become a part of our family language.  And so they have.

Which is why my kids loved it when Joel downloaded an open source (FREE) audio recording and editing software (Audacity).  They had a ball recording themselves (using the built-in microphone on my laptop) and then listening to the chipmunk version.

It was so much fun I've decided to share a few of our recordings with you.  Just click on the recording below you want to listen to.  I suggest you start with Ben Normal Voice, then Chipmunk Ben and finally Ben Deep Voice. 

I highly recommend playing with audio (or video) software.  Maybe record some of your own family language.  It could be fun to email a family joke or phrase to daddy while he's at work.  Or listen to the recordings years from now after Thanksgiving dinner.  

Has your family played with audio recording and editing software? 

Family Fun Friday is a weekly column.  Please join me by leaving a link in the comments to your own Family Fun Friday posts.


Carrie said...

haha! I BET your kids are having an awesome time! It sounds like the day we discovered we could take funny pictures of ourselves with the Mac computer. Hours. Hours!!! Hilarious fun. =)

Hope you and your little chipmunks have an awesome weekend!

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Hi Stephanie...

Call your mama and tell her I said thank you both for reading my books and blog. Wow. Your comment totally touched my heart tonight!!!

Flamingo Mama said...

oh my goodness! my kids would pee their pants laughing doing this!

i dont' know if i have a built in mic though...i will have to try it out!

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