Sunday, January 31, 2010

Anne of Green Gables Movie

Anne of Green Gables Movie, 1986. Kevin Sullivan, Director.  Starring Megan Follows.

My history with this Anne movie goes all the way back to the fall of 1993.  It was parents weekend at my university.  Neither my parents nor my friend's parents were coming to campus so we visited a nearby video store and rented the whole series on vhs (remember those?!).  We holed up in her room with microwave popcorn and spent the entire weekend watching Anne grow up.

I don't think I've watched Anne since then.  And let me say that watching with your husband and children wandering around you is NOT the same!!  (Oh, Alicia how I missed you!!!)

Now about the movie.

My copy (which was a Christmas gift this year) is a double-sided DVD.  I watched the first half and found myself a little bored.  I think the pace was a little slow in the first half; the second half seemed to go quicker.  But, I don't watch a lot of movies anymore so it could have just been me not being used to sitting in one spot for so long.

I also found myself thinking 'that's not the way it is in the book' a lot.  All Anne's quirky sayings are there and her funny misadventures but often she's saying them to someone different.

The one example that stands out in my mind right now is that she doesn't tell Marilla her "life story" on the way back to Green Gables after seeing Mrs. Spencer.  She ends up telling someone else (I can't remember who) but I felt like this left out a big piece of her bonding with Marilla.  The movie made it seem like Marilla kept her because she didn't like the other woman who offered for Anne; whereas, the book felt more like Marilla had compassion on Anne because of her past and the other woman just gave her a good excuse for an emotional decision.

Naturally I cried when Matthew died.  Who doesn't?!  I really wish Montgomery had fleshed out his character a little more.  I just love Matthew.

Overall I enjoy this movie.  There are a few minor things I wish had been done differently but it's clean, wholesome fun.

Visit the L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge at Reading to Know for more reviews of works by or about L.M. Montgomery.


kgdeweij said...

I love these movies. I grew up watching them and they bring back tons of memories. I have to say though that the 3rd movie seems a little out of place among the other 2.

Carrie said...

=D Well, you did it! Are you still of the opinion that the best combination is the book and the movie?

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I wish someone could take the less flowery movie version and combine it with a more true to text (at least in who Anne is talking to, where and when) script.

But I'd certainly miss Megan Fellows. Can there be another Anne? I have my doubts.

I also think this is a movie best watched with a room full of girlfriends!!!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What? Matthew died? I cannot believe you ruined the story for me and I was just getting into it!

OK, I am kidding. I have never read the book or seen the movie so I have no idea who Matthew is (or Anne for that matter). I just couldn't resist.

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