Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Books, Layoffs, Paint and Robins!!

I have a blogging plan for this week but it doesn't look like any of the posts are going to make it from my head to my computer. So I'm resorting to a random list.

1. We are enjoying listening to baby sparrows living in a birdhouse Joel and the kids made for our backyard. We've watched the parents all spring and wondered if there would be any babies. They are up too high for us to see into the birdhouse but we can definitely hear their demanding little peeps!

2. While on the subject of birds, so far this spring we have watched a Baltimore Oriole, Cardinal, Blue Jay, and numerous Sparrows and Starlings in our backyard. We've even watched several Robins CATCH AND EAT worms!! Gross, but really cool!! It's been fun to learn the names for these birds and their different characteristics as they visit our little backyard.

3. Saturday I attended a used curriculum sale sponsored by Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers. I spent $102 and bought OVER 40 items!!! Needless to say I am very excited! And so are my kids.

4. Can you guess what we're doing this weekend? It only took 4 years for Joel to lift the ban! I'm afraid when we're done he will reinstate the ban again.

5. I recently shared that Joel's entire team at work was absorbed into their client company (Company C). Well, last week he was told that starting mid-July there will be lay-offs (not the official words but that's what they meant) in the new company and Joel's team is on the chopping block. I won't bore you with complicated details but it looks like those years of service are going to become really important as they are used to determine severance packages!!

6. This week my brother, his wife and daughter made plans to come to New England for vacation in August!! We are excited to meet my niece, Addi, who will be about 17 months old. We are also excited to introduce them to Samuel!!

I'd better end this random list and get supper cooked. Don't forget to link up your Family Fun Friday posts!! My post this week will be about something cold, yummy and FREE!!!


wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Layoffs! UGH! Praying for you guys.

Happy painting this weekend! Looks like quite an array of colors to choose from!

Ann said...

Definitely praying through the uncertainty. Keep us posted! Have fun painting!

Alicia said...

Oh, that's so rough. I hope you get tons of money! So, what ban did Joel lift this weekend? I'm TOO curious!

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