Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jill Savage, Real Moms...Real Jesus Blog Tour

In my ramblings around the blogosphere last month I came across an opportunity to participate in a blog tour with Jill Savage. I have not read Jill's new book Real Moms...Real Jesus but I have read another of her books, Professionalizing Motherhood.

Professionalizing Motherhood was a pivotal book for me so I feel confident in recommending Jill's new book to you now. I've also benefited from her Hearts at Home ministry. In fact, you can read about a mini-retreat my friends and I did using CDs/tapes from last year's Hearts at Home Conference.

So, with that in mind here is the blog tour interview with Jill Savage.

Today I’d like to welcome author and speaker, Jill Savage. Jill’s recent book Real Moms…Real Jesus, just released, and I wanted to ask her about her real mom moments..

Jill, tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.
Mark and I have been married 25 years and we have five children. Anne is 24 and married to our wonderful son-in-love, Matt. Evan is 21 and married to our beautiful daughter-in-love, Julie. Erica is 18 and a college student at Heartland Community College. Kolya is 15 and in the 8th grade. We adopted Kolya at the age of 9 from Russia---the God story about his adoption is included in the Real Moms…Real Jesus book. And Austin is 12 and in the 7th grade.
Tell us about your newest book Real Moms...Real Jesus?
Real Moms…Real Jesus is a book designed to help moms understand that when Jesus lived on this earth he was fully God, yet fully man. We don’t often think about the fact that he was a human being and he lived the full human experience: pain, hunger, fatigue, frustration, betrayal, disappointment. He experienced it all!

There’s one verse in the Bible about Jesus that simply says “large crowds followed him everywhere he went.” Well, isn’t that the life of a mom? Large crowds follow her to the bathroom. They follow her to the kitchen. To the grocery store. She’s in high demand! And when Jesus lived on this earth, He was in high demand, too.
Why did you want to write this book?
Most of us long for a friend who understands. Yes, we need girlfriends who understand what our life is like. But we also need to understand that we have a friend who understands in Jesus. Too many of us think of God as being distant and unable to relate to our daily struggles. But nothing could be further from the truth! He understands and he wants us to build our friendship with Him. He wants to not only be our Savior, but also our Friend.
What do you hope your readers will gain from this book?
I hope that readers will gain a new perspective about their relationship with Jesus. I also hope to weave God’s truth into the daily life of a mom.What unique elements will the reader find in Real Moms…Real Jesus?
Each chapter looks at some character trait in Jesus’ life that can help us in our life as a mom. In between the chapters are interactive vignettes that provide brief, refreshing glimpses into our real, messy, busy lives.
There are also questions at the end of the chapter for further consideration and suggested Bible reading in the book of Matthew. If the reader chooses to pursue the suggested reading, she will have read the book of Matthew completely by the end of the book!There is also a leader’s guide in the back of the book so it can be used in a group setting.
This is a Hearts at Home book. What is Hearts at Home?

Hearts at Home is an organization that encourages, educates, and equips women in the profession of motherhood. Hearts at Home encourages moms through annual conferences, our extensive website (
www.hearts-at-home.org), a free bi-weekly electronic newsletter, a radio program, and an entire line of books designed to meet the needs of moms all over the world!
Any closing thoughts?
I am very excited about this book! I believe that if a mom can strengthen her relationship with Jesus Christ, she will feel more equipped to be the mom she wants to be. I’m also offering an online book discussion on my blog beginning Tuesday, April 7. If you’d like to join us, you can subscribe to my blog at
I’d love to hear a reader’s thoughts after they read the book, too! You can connect to me through my blog at
Thanks, Jill, for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your real mom, real Jesus moments with us.You can purchase your own copy of Real Moms…Real Jesus by clicking here.

And be sure to check out Hearts at Home, their conferences for moms, and all their online resources


I have a copy of Real Moms...Real Jesus to give away to one lucky reader!! Here are the rules:
  1. Leave a comment telling if you have heard of Hearts at Home or Jill Savage before reading this post. If so, where?
  2. Be sure to include your email address with the comment or I will have no way to notify you when you win.
  3. For extra entries tweet about the giveaway on Twitter then come back and leave an additional comment saying you tweeted.
  4. The winner will have 3 days to respond to my email notification or they will forfeit and another winner will be drawn.
Giveaway will close on Tuesday April 7, 2009.


Amy said...

Thanks for the post, Stephanie! Yes, I have heard of Hearts at Home in the past...hmm, where DID I hear about it? Oh, a good friend! Looking forward to reading this new book!

Cassie said...

Sounds like a good read. I'll have to Google her. I've decided that I'm going to "try" to do some reading this summer. Sounds like it would be a good read. Sorry, I'm not able to "twitt or tweet";content filters are blocking me from this. Sometimes I feel like a "twitt" :o) Does that count? I meant to call you over spring break, but time got away from me.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I've heard of Hearts at Home (a blog friend recently went to a conference) and I've seen the book mentioned on some other blogs I read.

I'm intrigued by the title (you know...the realness stuff has been on my mind a lot lately).

I think I'm going to read this book whether I win it or not...but of course it would be great if you wanted to choose ME!

Laura said...

Oh I would love to win a copy of this. I've not been to the Hearts at Home website and look forward to checking it out some more.


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I think I might've heard her name in passing, but I've never read anything by or about her. Does that count?!? ; )

This sounds like a great book! I'd love to read it!

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