Monday, March 17, 2008

MOB?! I don't think so!!

A week or so ago I accompanied my friend, Jessica, to pick up her wedding dress from a bridal shop in our area. She had it on hold and wanted to try it on one more time and pay for it. Jess went into the dressing room and put on the dress. She came out and we oohed and ahhed over the dress (it's gorgeous and she got an AMAZING deal!!). Then the sales clerk, a lady I'm guessing to be in her late 40s walks up to us and says,

"O! Is this MOM?"

Referring to ME!!! Jessica is 22. In order to be the mother of a 22 year-old girl I'd need to be at LEAST 42. I'm 33. Everyone assures me I do not look old enough to be the MOTHER- OF- THE- BRIDE!!

Needless to say, Jess and I both assured her I am NOT her mom nor anywhere close to old enough to be her mom.

I'm still smarting over such an insult. Really!! The nerve of some people!!


Amy said...

Definitely don't look old enough!

mer said...

Ouch! I'm sorry that happened, and I agree with Amy, you definitely don't look old enough.

Alicia said...

Maybe not mother of the bride, but mother of what? When did the baby ticker show up? Am I just the most unobservant blog reader in the world or did you slide in a ticker without posting about it?

Anonymous said...

OUCH! That is WAY worse than being Ma'am'd. You definitely DO NOT look old enough to have a 22 year old.

Funny related story - when Emily was in the NICU, a woman named Carrie drove me to see her most days. And almost every day, they would ask "is this Mom & Grandma?". Carrie is about 42, I am 35 - so mathematically impossible for her to be my mom. However, I did go with another woman one day who is in her 60's & they never asked if she was grandma. YIKES! So Carrie is Grandma Carrie to this day. Luckily she likes being called that.

: ) Dawn

Julie said...

That's just wrong, wrong, wrong! You don't look a day over 29.

fullheartandhands mama said...

Ugh. I'm sorry. If you look anything like the pic on your blog, you most certainly don't look like you could be the Mother of the Bride!

Also, I'm so glad that your son's test results came back negative. What a praise!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Alicia said...

By saying "Maybe not the mother of the bride" I didn't mean you looked like you could be the mother of a bride. Good heavens-are people crazy? I meant "Not the mother of the bride, but maybe a mother again?"

Westafricanrains said...

You are old my friend, but not that old. Ok, you aren't really old, just older than me.

Don't feel too bad. My friend Bonnie was recently mistaken for her teaching partner's mom. Mind you, her teaching partner is hispanic, looks nothing like her and is 4 years older. Now THAT hurts.

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