Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blow Out! And I don't mean tires!

Every momma of a diaper wearing child understands what I mean by the phrase, "Blow Out!" Generally, a blow out is accompanied by horrible odors, massive amounts of wet wipes, and a change of clothes.

Saturday Ellie blessed us with not one. Not two. But THREE blow outs. The one I changed reeked of rotten eggs. I started to change another one but convinced Joel that would only result in a blow "up" from me. He accepted his role of martyr and took one for the team.

Since she had no fever. Ran around like normal. And exhibited no signs of viral or bacterial infection I chalked it up to whatever she's been eating lately and thought nothing more of it. Until Sunday afternoon following Easter dinner with our church family. When someone mentioned that Ellie might have a stinky diaper. Just then she walked passed Joel, who turned to me and said, "Blow out." Ugh! You can't imagine how glad I am Joel changed her from the pretty Easter dress into a plain onesie and jeans when we first arrived at Amy's!!

If we had to have such a mess while away from home, my friend Amy's home was the best place to be. Mainly cause her kids are the same ages as mine. And she has wipes. And a changing table. And she understands these things happen. And she didn't get grossed out by it.

After a million wipes I got Ellie cleaned up and dressed in the spare playsuit from my diaperbag. I seriously need to update the outfit I carry for her. It was a one-piece playsuit - size 12 months. She normally wears 18 months. It fit because she's so tiny but looked like capris instead of long pants. = )

The rest of the day passed without further incident. Ellie had a couple of really yucky diapers on Monday but things seem to have settled down for her. I chalked it up to "who knows what" and moved on. Until today.

After a quick trip to Target (in search of discount Easter candy of which there was NONE!) this morning I started preparing lunch. Will requested half a sandwich. Without jelly or honey. Just peanut butter. This was my first clue that all was not right - actually the 2.5 hour nap he took yesterday should have been my first clue. You have to understand that Will, who is just shy 5 years old, eats as much as I do.

He miserably ate his half sandwich, refused the apple slices or anything else to eat, and ASKED to be cleaned up so he could go have his nap!! He said his tummy hurt. Oh, boy! A brief stop in the bathroom (yeah he's toilet trained!!) confirmed his tummy isn't feeling too good. After his 3 hour nap he moved to the couch and laid around looking miserable until Daddy arrived home. He's not running a fever but he is a warm. He managed to sit at the table for supper with the rest of us but only ate about half a dozen bites of toast.

So. Me thinks we have a virus amongst us. Oh, fun. Not. Thankfully, we have nothing pressing for the rest of the week or weekend. I'm hoping the rest of us can escape contamination and enjoy a peaceful weekend. And, Amy, if M2 come down with this little bug I'm so very, very sorry!


Amy said...

Poor Will. It is so hard for me when my guys are every way I'd rather be sick for them! Hope it passes quickly and this is the end! As of now, we have no signs here and pray we won't! Oh, Easter candy has been hard to come by this year. Where did it all go? Don't people know that if you wait until AFTER the holiday the price is cut in half or even 75%???? We haven't found any either--not even at Stop and Shop today!

mer said...

Ugh, Stephanie. I'm so sorry. I'll be praying that the rest of you don't catch it. I was so sick when I was pregnant with Sarah, and one day Will had a huge blowout. I actually called John to come home and change him/clean him up because the smell alone sent me running to throw up. Lovely memories.

Billie said...

Wow! You are amazing...never in a million years could I change diapers without dry heaving or actually throwing up when I was early on in pregnancy!

fullheartandhands mama said...

Yikes. Good luck. I hope the bug passes quickly and spreads to no one else.

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