Sunday, February 17, 2008

Isaac, Robinson, and Hellen are now ours!

Sunday afternoon we sat down to choose 3 children to sponsor from Compassion International. How do you pick which child receives your help and which doesn't?! Needless to say we had a hard time choosing.

Our original idea was to select a child who was about the same ages as our 3 children. By the time we pulled out the computer this afternoon there were no 3 year-olds left to sponsor in Uganda and their sponsor program doesn't go younger than 3. I have really fallen in love with the Ugandan children this week through the blogs I've been reading. So, we decided to pick from the 4 and 5 year old children.

William is at a stage where it's very important to him to be the oldest. So he selected Isaac. Isaac's birthday is July 19, 2003. He is one of 7 children.

I don't think Ben really understood what we were doing so I picked for him. Robinson's birthday is July 13, 2002. (I just realized he shares a birthday with my father-in-law!) He is one of 8 children. His smile makes me think he's as mischievous as my two boys!

Last but not least, we chose Hellen. Her birthday is May 26, 2003, one day before Will's. She is one of 5 children.

The process was actually quite simple. A few clicks, a credit card payment, and we are now the proud sponsors of three children living in Uganda. Three children whose lives will be changed forever. Three children we will pray for, send letters and cards to, and maybe one day even get to meet.

What about you? Is there a convenience or luxury in your life you could do without so a sweet child in Uganda could have a pair of shoes, go to school, and eat a meal every day? If so, don't wait. Go here and follow the links to sponsor a child. Boy. Girl. Teenager. Preschooler. They are all waiting for you to demonstrate love and compassion to them.

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Kelly said...

How fun - can't wait to hear more about them!!!

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