Monday, February 18, 2008

Eutychus should have been at our church! He would have never fallen asleep (see Acts 20:9).

I think I've mentioned that our church meets in two conference rooms in a hotel in downtown Providence. This has some definite advantages.

We don't have to guilt anyone into cleaning the church Saturday mornings (or pay the pastor and his wife an extra $50 to do it). We don't have a mortgage. No one has to shovel the snow out of the parking lot. And last but not least, we don't need a committee to pick paint color and carpeting after we remodel.

Although that last one might be a nice problem to have. For 3 weeks in January/February we had to meet in a different location while the hotel remodeled their conference rooms. The old decor was early '90s mauve with paisleys. You can imagine our surprise when we walked in a few Sundays ago and found this:

As I look at these pictures I realize I should have taken a shot of the whole room. 'Cause these pics are just NOT doing justice to that carpet! If you have a hard time staying awake during the sermon all you have to do is look at the floor. And if that doesn't wake you up I think you might be dead.

I have to say it all coordinates really well. I like the yellow and green of the walls and curtains. I even like the carpet. As an area rug. About 3x5 feet. Between the beds in my boys' bedroom. But for a conference room? How would you ever decorate for a conference? Or wedding reception? Or office party?


Billie said...

(see my adoption blog)

Alicia said...

Just like you said, I think the carpet and curtains are cute cute and would work great for a kids playroom. I totally can't imagine having a wedding reception in that room. Crazy! Are all the rooms decorated with that same carpet?

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