Friday, February 22, 2008

Benjamin turns THREE?! How did that happen?!

Dear Benjamin,

On February 22, 2005 Daddy and I dropped William (then 5 days shy of being 21 months old) off to stay with Mr. and Mrs. B. and Emma. Then we drove to the hospital.

I had been feeling contractions all morning so I mentioned it to Dr. Manning. She agreed to let me try to deliver you rather than the c-section we had scheduled.

Daddy and I walked the halls of the hospital for HOURS. I was really, really tired. Every few hours the doctor would check to see how you and I were doing. She finally said that you just weren't budging. After being at the hospital for nearly 12 hours I had barely reached 4 cm. I was so tired I agreed to go ahead with a c-section.

So, at 11:47 PM you were born. Dr. Manning had guessed a few weeks earlier that you weighed about 8 pounds (Brother only weighed 6.5 pounds). After she took you out of me she held you up over the sheet so I could see you. Wow, were you big!! You cried and the nurses took you to clean you up while the doctor sewed me back up. After a few minutes, Dr. Manning asked the nurses how much you weighed. She couldn't get over how big you were. NINE POUNDS NINE OUNCES was the reply. Dr. Manning said to me, "You were never going to push him out!"

After a few hours in the recovery room we moved upstairs to the obstetrics floor. The nurses all fell in love with you. Especially our first nurse. She was young and didn't have any children of her own yet. She carried you around and bragged on how good you were and how cute.

A few days later we left the hospital and started life at home with Daddy and Will. Today you weigh a lot more than 9 pounds, more like 35 pounds. You love following your big brother everywhere and you enjoy "loving" on your little sister, Ellie Belly Jelly Bean. Sometimes they both get aggravated at you for not behaving the way they prefer, but most of the time you all get along.

Your favorite foods right now are pizza and pancakes. You ask to go to Burger King and McDonald's a lot (they have indoor playgrounds). You really like the spicy salsa at On the Border.

You can quote Psalm 121, John 3:16 and lots of songs. You enjoy listening to Veggie Tales CDs and Psalty CDs.

Without a doubt you are my little introvert. Big groups of people scare you, as do dogs and cats. You prefer to play with a couple of people you know and are content to sit quietly beside me in a big crowd. Just because you are quiet around other people doesn't mean you are at home. When Brother lets you get a word in, you talk non-stop.

You are great at building things with Lincoln Logs, Dublos, and Thomas Tracks. Putting together puzzles are always fun. You also like to read books and climb.

You and I like to play 2 games. I'll ask you, "guess what." And you say, "I wuv YOU!" The other game I ask, "whose boy are you?" Sometimes you say, "Momma's." But if you are feeling mischievous you give me a sly grin and say, "Daddy's." Then I tickle you until you say you are my boy. We both enjoy this game a lot.

I am so glad God gave you to us. You fill our home with the best chuckle ever. You add enthusiasm and excitement to our lives. I love you and can't wait to watch you grow this year.

Love Always,

PS. You are having a great week of potty training. Only 1 accident all week! Yippee!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! This is a beautiful letter.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! You're a special little boy! Your chuckle is one of my favorites too!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

What a wonderful remembrance!

It sounds like he has a lot in common with my Kyle (4 in May).

Tech Daddy said...

Brought a tear to my. It is a beautiful tribute.

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