Wednesday, January 4, 2012

L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge 2012

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

Every January my friend Carrie hosts a L.M. Montgomery reading challenge at Reading to Know. Her goal is to influence everyone to read books by or related to L.M. Montgomery all month (that's my interpretation of her goals).

Not sure who L.M. Montgomery is? Think Anne of Green Gables. Ah.. now you know her!

Pretty much anything goes for the challenge, except the final 2 Anne movies. Carrie believes they are heresy so link to those at your own risk!

A quick search through my archives revealed that this is my 4th year to participate in the L.M. Montgomery Challenge. Here are some posts from my archives:

Wow! I didn't realize I had read so many of Montgomery's works. So what am I reading this year? (Edited to link to my reviews.)

I'm also planning to involve my kids in the challenge. At a used book sale this year I discovered Troll Illustrated Classics: Anne of Green Gables. Knowing that Carrie's Challenge would come in January I giggled to myself and quickly handed over my quarter!

We will also watch Anne of Green Gables and enjoy tea time. Our tea may not be exactly like Anne's but it will be fun!

Those are my plans. I can't wait to read what everyone else has to say about Montgomery!

What's your favorite Montgomery book?


Carrie said...

=D You've interpreted me correctly and you've given adequate warning to those who link up The Movies Which Shall Not Be Named. ;)

I'm hosting an Anne of Green Gables brunch this year. =) Rather looking forward to that! We'll see how it turns out though. =D (I'm starting small to see how it goes. If it goes well, I'll expand on the idea next year!)

Stephanie Kay said...

Ha!Ha! I thought it only fair to warn people of your intentions. A brunch sounds like fun! Our tea will be very simple and probably not very authentic but it will be fun. :)

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