Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 Simple Home Organization Projects

Is "get organized" one of your goals for 2012?

I like to start a new year off with an organized home. We've been rearranging shelves on books and labeling toy tubs this week. Not really exciting stuff or anything to show you.

But, I do have a few past projects to inspire you to reach your 2012 home organization goals. I've explained a few organizing tips in each of the posts in case you are an org newbie.

Organize a Pantry

Organizing a Pantry with Wire Shelves. I LOVE wire closet organizers but they make keeping small things contained a challenge. I use two different kinds of baskets to solve this problem.

Organize a Junk Drawer 

How to Organize a Kitchen Junk Drawer. What are you collecting in your junk drawer? Apparently I like to hoard fast food condiment packets! This project only took about 15 minutes and produced great results.

How to Make a Finance Binder

How to Make a Finance Binder. Filing cabinets don't work for me so I keep all of our receipts in a binder. The binders keep our finances organized which helps us save money in the long run.

     Declutter Your Kitchen

    Decluttering My Kitchen. Four years ago I realized that my kitchen cabinets held too much stuff. So I decluttered. I threw away cracked bowls and gave away items I rarely used. I loved the results.

      What home organization projects are you working on this month? Please tell us about them. Or better yet, share a link to your project so we can admire your hard work!

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      Amy said...

      Since I absolutely LOVE organizing...every year as I put away our Christmas gifts and unpack from our travel, I go through everything: closets, drawers, baskets, etc. We've got 3 trash bags full to donate! It feels so good to know what we've got and to know that we need/use what we have!

      Added bonus? Andy (on his own, I didn't even mention it) went through his corner of the basement--and purged, organized, etc. He was excited--and of course I was too!

      Stephanie Kay said...

      3 bags?! Wow!! I'm impressed that Andy went through his things unasked! Joel took good babysteps last week as we worked on our basement. I'm leaving it alone for this weekend but plan to tackle it again next weekend since Joel will have Monday off.

      Anonymous said...

      Stephanie, I am stopping by from the blogelina site! I'm a Momma too and it doesn't take much to inspire me to organize! Thanks!
      Juls from

      Stephanie Kay said...

      Thanks for stopping by! Your site makes ME want to exercise. Losing the 5+ pounds I gained over the holidays is one of my 2012 goals. ;)

      ~Ava Kinsey said...

      Hi! I really enjoy your blog. Your link for the finance binder doesn't work.

      Stephanie Kay said...

      Thanks Ava! I've corrected the link.

      Julie Bagamary said...

      I enjoy organizing too and find that keeping my studio organized aids in my creativity. This week I've been reorganizing my supplies and unearthing some fun almost finished that's fun!

      Stephanie Kay said...

      Julie, thanks for stopping by. I have plenty of unfinished projects but they are aren't as creative as your beautiful quilts. I do like to visit my draft folder and picture file occasionally to remind me of blog posts I want to write. Have an organized home helps me write better and do fun things with my kids without the guilt of housework. :)

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