Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Help me pick which shoes to wear!!

I'm going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Philly on Friday and I need your help selecting my shoes!!!

On Friday afternoon I'm attending a welcome reception at the hotel for the #2012BBC attendees. Then in the evening I'm walking a few blocks to a cocktail party/networking event at a restaurant.

Here's the outfit I'm wearing: navy, green and cream floral skirt (falls below my knees); navy knit top; denim jacket; silver jewelry.

If the weather turns cool or rainy I'll wear brown boots. BUT if the weather is warm I need to choose between the 4 pairs of shoes you see in the picture.

What do you think?

Here's a close up of the shoes. The pewter ones also have a texture to them. The cream shoes have a small heel while the other 3 are wedges.

On Saturday I'll attend the actual conference from 9-5. Lots of sitting with a little moving around between sessions. At 5:30 there will be another cocktail party/networking event at the hotel. It's all kinda dressy casual.

Here's the outfit I'm wearing: floral skirt (falls below my knees); green sweater set; silver jewelry; I may exchange the green sweater for the denim jacket if I get cold.

So which shoes?

Here's a close up.

I'm not really a fashion person so please leave a comment with your opinion about which shoes to wear with the blue-green skirt and which to wear with the floral skirt. THANKS!!


Flamingo said...

love your top outfit!

definitely the blue for the top one. i think either the cream or the jeweled ones for the bottom. i love the brown ones, but I think the other 2 coordinate better. well...i would have to see it on to really decide. any of it will look great. have a blast@!

Blush Mamas said...

I like the metallic wedges with both outfits, and they're comfy!

Maria Mundy said...

Blue, strappy wedges for the first (top) outfit and brown, bow-tie wedges for the second. And if you wanted to go crazy, I'd throw a light weight brown scarf on with the second outfit.

Have fun with whatever you decide!!

Jess said...

Dark blue wedges for the top, and the metallic for the bottom. I have sort of weird taste I am not sure I would trust me if I were you. :P Have fun!!!

Candice Moretti said...

wedges all the way! good luck and can't wait to hear all about it!

Megan said...

Blue for the top outfit, jeweled for the bottom. Have so much fun!!! :)

Sgalla219 said...

I'm with most of the others- blue for the top and metallic for the bottom! Have fun!

Carrie said...

HA! I'm not good at this so I'm going to refrain from answering and you can thank me for my "silence." ;)

You don't sound like you are planning to enjoy yourself at all, you know. I'm kinda worried it's just going to be a big flop. Try to smile at the nice strangers and pretend you are having a good time . . .


Amy said...

I'm with Maria--blue and brown. BTW, did you see the RED version of the brown while you were out? I was in one day this week and loved them, but didn't have a need, so they're still there..but did think of you with the RED! (Unfortunately, they won't go with either of these outfits!) Have fun! Let us know what you decide!

Summer said...

green skirt= cream shoes.
floral skirt= brown wedge.
i think the blue ones at the top are too "wintery" for the occasion.
and the metallic ones are to "sassy" but I don't know your personality yet! It will be great to get to know you more. Thank you for your HS help.

Rachel said...

Love the brown ones or the pewter ones with the second outfit and if they're comfy to walk in, the blue ones with the first outfit. And I like the scarf idea with the second outfit.

Jennifer R. said...

How fun! I hope you have a blast!!
I think the blue wedges with the green floral skirt & denim jacket. I'm not sure about the other... BUT- I might take a back-up or 2nd choice so that when you are getting ready- if you really don't like one you can swith it out. Since-you are driving you have Plenty of room! :-) But- I ALWAYS pack to many shoes.
Good Luck!

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