Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hearts at Home has a blog!

One of the things I love about blogging is the exchange of ideas that takes place; after all, what mom can't use a new idea every now and then!

If you are interested in a blog that brings a group of mommy bloggers all to one place, stop by and visit the Hearts at Home blog.

Hearts at Home's contributing bloggers write about motherhood, each with a unique perspective, reflecting on the spiritual, emotional and downright funny aspects of motherhood. Their group of bloggers range from professional speakers to authors to stay-at-home moms, all who share a passion for the profession of motherhood.

The Hearts at Home blog covers a variety of topics, such as practical mom tips, recipes, book reviews, and advice for tackling tough mommy issues.

Take a peek at this great resource and connect with real moms sharing real stories today!

*** Just for disclosure.

I am a member of the Hearts at Home blogger program which means they email me a blog post promoting their ministry. I can edit it or publish it "as is." This is an "as is" post.

If you are a regular reader you know I am cutting back on my blogging activities (writing and reading), which means I do not read the Hearts at Home blog at this time. However, I do receive and enjoy their monthly e-newsletter.

I've chosen to publish this post because I believe in the Hearts at Home ministry and think their blog is a positive resource for moms. I hope you enjoy it!!

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