Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Living as a Single Christian Woman - Guest Series

Last week our series, "Living as a Single Christian Woman," came to an end. I'm a little sad about that. Ann, Michelle, and Alicia did an amazing job writing on some very broad topics. I loved reading their wisdom every week and am encouraged that principles for living Godly lives are the same regardless of your marital status!

In case you missed the series or would like to go back through and read them again, here are the links to the individual posts:

Living as a Single Christian Woman:

Living as a Single Christian Woman by Ann
Falling in Love Takes Work by Michelle
A Life Defined by Contentment by Alicia

Life is Learning by Ann
6 Things Every Christian Woman Should Know by Michelle
Jesus on Learning by Alicia

Dive In! by Ann
Life in All Its Fullness by Michelle
LIVE it Up!! by Alicia

Thank you, Ann, Michelle, and Alicia for writing these insightful posts. I love that 3 women with different backgrounds, different lifestyles and in different States wrote articles that are so cohesive. Might be because they all share the same Lord - Jesus.

If you have been inspired, encouraged or convicted by these posts please leave a comment! Also, visit each lady's blog for more of her writing (and don't forget to leave a comment to encourage her!).

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Stephanie! I'm a friend of Meredith's who also went to OBU back in the day! We live in MA now, but we lived in RI in 2000/2001. We lived in the Newport area and loved it. I'm also a homeschool mom this year. It was my first year and I'm not sure what our plans are next year, but I've enjoyed it greatly. It's so very nice to "meet" you.

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