Friday, May 29, 2009

Family Fun Friday - Baseball

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This week's topic: BASEBALL!!

I would LOVE to attend a Major League Baseball game (Red Sox, anyone?). After all, what's more "American" and "summer" than baseball?! But given the cost of tickets and the current ages of my kids, it just doesn't make sense for us to travel up to Boston for a game. (Though we would certainly make the effort if anyone wants to gift us with tickets!!)

Instead, we try to take in a couple of Minor League games each summer. It's a 20 minute drive from our home to McCoy Stadium, where we root for the Pawtucket Red Sox. And it only costs us $2 to park and $20 for tickets (adults $6, kids $4). I consider that a pretty good deal for several hours of entertainment!

Right now the games are still a novelty for my kids. They are more interested in the hot dogs and doughboys than they are the actual baseball. But one day I'm sure they will cheer like everyone else when the PawSoxs score a run.

If you are wondering what a Doughboy is, then watch this video of our trip to McCoy Stadium last month:

If you are interested in saving money, visit your team's website for a Kid's Club. Our team offers free tickets to Kid's Club members for 3 select games each season. Also, following every Sunday afternoon home game, children are allowed to run the bases! Talk about exciting!!
Have you attended a Minor League Baseball Game? What team do you root for?
Recommended Ages: Fun for ALL!
Equipment Needed: Baseball cap, T-shirt in team colors.
Cost: Adults $6, Children $4.
Where: Minor League Baseball Stadiums.
When: Spring and Summer.


Ann said...

Father's Day several years ago someone gifted us with tickets - not just any tickets, but AWESOME tickets! The kind we could never afford even for a minor league game! The tickets were for a Redbirds game in Memphis. We didn't think the girls would last long (they were five and almost three at the time, I think - or four and almost two), but they did and we all had such fun! We haven't been since, but we've talked about it, especially since we now have a son who has been addicted to all sports since he was nine months old!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Colorado Springs has a minor league team--the Sky Sox-- that we love to cheer on.

Throughout the summer they have $2 Tuesdays. Tickets are $2, parking is $2, hot dogs are $2 (and beer-blech!!!- is $2 too!)

Better yet is when my husband's company buys the tickets for us! They do this every July.

I can get discount tickets to the Colorado Rockies (our MLB team) but even discounted they're $10 a pop. Add parking, gas, and snacks and that's a bit out of our reach for a family activity.

Great post, Steph!

Jenn said...

The company that I work for has Night at the Natural's- our local minor league team. Lots of fun- many kids are chosen to go out on the field for games and stuff.
What's HILARIOUS... Guess what our mascot is- for the AR Naturals...??? A Sasquatch named Strike. Yes we have a baseball uniform wearing big foot in AR!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Jenn, I had heard there was a new minor league team in Arkansas. I assume the team name is because Arkansas is "The Natural State." A Sasquatch is hilarious!!! It's not like there are any stories of a sasquatch around there. I think the AR Hillbillies would have been a better choice. :) Or maybe the Chicken Hawks. :)

Mer, $2 Tuesdays is great!! That would be a lot of fun! Speaking of companies, my hubby's new employer is a based locally so we might be able to score discounted or free tickets also. :)

Ann, I love free tickets!! :)

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Looks like you had fun. I want a doughboy! I miss doughboys - Funnel cakes are not even close to the same thing!

I have been to one major league ball game at (the old) Yankee stadium. That's right we are Yankees fans - they beat the Red Sox that day & we LOVED it. : )

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