Thursday, December 4, 2008

Post Op. Update

Thank you all for your prayers and sweet comments of concern. My surgery on Tuesday went off without a hitch.

The first doctor removed all of the cancer cells, cauterized the edge of the quarter-sized hole she left in my forehead and sent us off to the hospital.

At the hospital a lovely intravenous drug put me to sleep. I kept telling them to leave me alone in a quiet, semi-dark room for 5 minutes and I would be sound asleep without drugs, but they insisted on the i.v.

As I predicted, following the surgery I couldn't keep any food or drink down. Why won't medical staff listen to me before a surgery? I told them I get sick after any anesthesia but everyone thinks their time with me will be different. It never is. While I tried to clear the fog in my head, all the nurses oohed and aahed over Samuel.

I finally felt well enough for the 20 minute drive home. Once home I stopped in the bathroom to be sick and then fell into bed to sleep off the effects of the medication.

And sleep I did!! From about 4 pm until about 9 pm. Blessed wonderful sleep! My sweet husband bottle-fed Sam each feeding until 2 am so I could sleep. And then he took Wednesday morning off work so I could sleep a little more.

I confess this surgery hit me a little harder than I expected. Probably because I hadn't slept for 6 weeks. Today (Thursday) I'm starting to feel a little more normal. Hopefully after the weekend (when I'll get more sleep!) I'll get back into the swing of things around here.

Let me clarify that I'm talking about the 6+ week postpartum normal. Not the clean house, cooking supper every night, home schooling normal. That's my goal for mid-January. We'll see if it becomes reality.

*** BTW, there are no pictures of my Bride of Frankenstein self. I'm currently sporting a cross shaped incision held together by some ugly stitches. I don't want to gross anyone out so we'll hold off on picture taking for a while.


Carrie said...

THank you for the update! What a GREAT husband you have! It's easy to hear from your post how blessed and cared for you have been -- even though you've been sick.

But sleep! Yay for sleep!

Continued prayers for you . . .

stephanie@{Olive Tree} said...

Glad things went well. I hear you on the drugs. So glad you had LOTS of help with baby for a bit. :)

Amy said...

Your body has been through a lot in the past little while! We'll keep praying. Enjoy sleep this weekend!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

Glad to know things went well. And I am so glad you got some good sleep - that makes a HUGE difference doesn't it? Good for Joel - what a good man. : )

Marc and Charity said...

Glad it went well! I have a lovely almost 2 inch scar down my neck with stitches. We could make quite a pair! :)

I get sick like that everytime I am put to sleep too and it's just miserable. And you are right, not good timing with a newborn, I bet you could sleep for a week!

Flamingo Mama said...

Good...I am so glad you are doing well.

and yea don't put me to talking of a clean house and all...i'm in my pj's at 10am with no clean house. unfortunately i can't find a newborn in the house that would allow me to blame it on.

nope...just plain ol' lazy me!

ajourneyinmommying said...

Wow, Steph! I'm glad that surgery is behind you and that you have been able to rest!!! I've been out of the loop with some computer problems so I'm just now hearing about this. Glad your surgery went off w/o a hitch!! :)

Kat said...

Glad everything went so well, and you got lots of sleep on top of it all. That is great. Hope you find that bit of normality you are looking for.
((((hugs)))) from down the road ;)

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Glad everything went well and that you got some sleep....Sleep is GOOD!!!...when we can get it :)

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