Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Son Starts a Rumor, or Not.

Yesterday Sam tried to start rumors about our family. Can't you just see the mischief in that sweet three year old face?!

The Back Story

A couple of weeks ago I switched the kids' winter/summer clothes. For Sam, that meant pulling out all of the 3T clothes I'd saved from Will and Ben. Mixed in with the t-shirts was a Spiderman tank top.

Sam immediately snatched up the shirt and declared that he can now do gymnastics with The Brothers and Ellie. Since September I've encouraged him to participate in the preschool gymnastics class and he has resisted.

Apparently all he needed was a tank top!

Yesterday as the kids dressed for gymnastics Sam couldn't find his tank top. We finally located it, in serious need of washing, at the bottom of a pile of dirty clothes. Poor Sam threw himself on his bed sobbing buckets of tears and declared he couldn't do gymnastics.

No amount of assurances that a regular t-shirt is fine would change his mind!

The Rumor

So I hunted for another tank top that would fit him. I could only find one.

Yeah. Can you just hear the pregnancy rumors flying if Sam showed up at gymnastics in this shirt?! I'd rather not deal with that so I grabbed a sharpie and wrote "NOT" on the shirt.

The little stinker enjoyed gymnastics and believes his new tank top is awesome. Me? I'm afraid someone won't see the "NOT" and boy will Facebook be talking!!

Have your kids ever (innocently) started rumors about you?


Amy said...


The Bonilla's said...

Too Cute Steph!!

Stephanie said...

You Ladies laugh, but you know if showed up at an event with Sam in that unaltered shirt you'd both get excited and ask me questions! :D

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