Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ben and Cows.

"Do cows pow you in the stomach?"
- Ben, 3 years old.

Picture from our trip to 
my parents farm in Arkansas, May 2007.

On fence is Will.  Ground is Ben.  And the grown-ups are my brother and sister-in-law.

I found this gem in my draft folder dated from last year.  I don't know why I never published it!


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

How funny! The questions kids ask...

Cassie said...

I've got lots of those photos too!

Happy Birthday on Saturday!


Jenn said...

WOW!!! I think I'm embarassed!
Can't wait for the kids to come back and see more cows!

Anonymous said...

Wonder where he got the idea of associating pow with hit?

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