Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm sorry... so sorry.

Hi, my name is Stephanie {me waving}.

I used to blog here before I lost my mind and over-commited myself to do a million projects, AND take care of my kids, AND homeschool a kindergartener, AND nurse an infant, AND still find time to sleep.

{Taking deep breath!}

Those other commitments are done. I learned a lot and now I'm ready to get back to my usual posts of menus, home management tips, books, and family happenings!

To everyone who tried to join me in reading The Ministry of Motherhood, I humbly apologize for completely dropping the ball!!! I have finished reading the book and will post a wrap-up/ review of the whole book next week. PLEASE leave a comment with links to any posts you've written about the book!!!

I would say the post will go up this Friday BUT Thursday night we will be attending a minor league baseball game (it was rained out last week) and Friday morning we are attending the Ringling Bros. Circus!!

My kids have never been to the Circus before AND Joel's taking the whole day off work so we can go in the morning. I'm hoping fewer people will be there for a morning performance than they would for an evening one. We're also going early so we can attend "Clown College." :) Here's hoping none of my kids are scared of clowns!!!!

Anyway. Thanks for sticking around and not giving up on Stephanie's Mommy Brain.

Be sure to come back Wednesday to read the final post in our Single Christian Woman series. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have! Aren't those 3 women incredible? I'd love to sit down with all of them for a cup of tea. It's too bad we're all spread across the continent!

Well, if you'll excuse me, I need to go feed the baby and get some sleep.


Alicia said...

Great to have you (and your blog) back!

Amy said...

Welcome Back! Looking forward to reading more...when you can! :)

Suzanne said...

It’s puzzling that any parent would want their child to think that the abusive treatment of animals is acceptable. Most parents shield their children from cruelty and violence, yet take their kids to see the elephants and tigers being hit with bullhooks (a rod with a sharp metal hook on the end) and whips at the circus.

The elephants at Ringling’s breeding center are confined to barns and paddocks, with access to only a fraction of the 200-acre property. Fifty-seven of the approximately 62 elephants owned by Ringling in 1990 were captured in the wild. At least 25 elephants used by Ringling have died since 1992. The circus has removed more elephants from the wild than it has bred.

Ringling paid a $20,000 fine to settle charges for the death of Kenny, a baby elephant who was forced to perform despite being sick. The USDA has cited Ringling for failing to have four elephants tested for tuberculosis and for failing to protect food from contamination. Ringling’s Williston, Fla., facility was quarantined by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services because elephants were infected with a human strain of tuberculosis. At least eight of the 24 elephant deaths at Ringling since 1992 have been attributed to either osteoarthritis or a chronic foot problem, the leading cause of death in captive elephants.

A 4-year-old elephant—who had been removed from his mother when he was only 1 year old—drowned when he stepped into a pond while the circus was traveling through Texas. Ringling trainers admitted that large lesions observed on the legs of two baby elephants, Doc and Angelica, were rope burns caused by separating the infant animals from their mothers.

Ringling has been cited by the USDA for failing to provide animals with exercise and sufficient space. Ringling opposes legislation that would ban the chaining of elephants. Ringling elephants as young as 16 have developed arthritis, an 8-year-old elephant suffers from foot infections, and a 3-year-old elephant suffers from lameness.

Pretending animal abuse does not exist at the circus does not make it any less real; shielding children from the truth is unfair to them and to the animals. Parents who want to learn more about this issue can visit

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Suzanne, I appreciate your concern for animals. My husband and I also believe animals should be treated well.

Disagreement is ok here on my blog. I realize that I am often out of the mainstream (homeschool, sahm, no tv, christian, and just generally opinionated!)which means my readers won't agree with me all the time. However, I would appreciate it if those who disagree with me provide email addresses and/or blogs where we can discuss our differences and I can get further information. You did not do either so I must respond to you here in my comments when I might otherwise email you privately.

Also, I am uncertain of the veracity of your facts. I have researched your statements using google but could not find any unbiased sources for them.

I also believe some of the statements to be using broad facts to support your view when a closer look may show they don't.

For example, "At least 25 elephants used by Ringling have died since 1992. The circus has removed more elephants from the wild than it has bred."

I would ask - How old were the elephants? What were the circumstances surrounding their deaths? Did they die after years of 'retirement' or were they actively performing at the time? 25 deaths over 17 years doesn't seem like all that many to me.

Also, to say they have removed more animals from the wild than they have bred is probably inaccurate. I'm sure RBC bought the animals from dealers who captured the animals. Since elephants have been an endangered species for years I'm wondering when the practice became illegal and when RBC stopped buying captured animals. Elephants have been captured and trained for many, many years in Asia. They are the equivalent of our modern fork lifts and construction equipment. RBC does not carry the sole burden of the declining number of elephants.

Conservation and breeding is a modern concept. Given that Ringling has been around for over a hundred years, it's probably (currently) accurate to say they have used more animals captured from the wild than they have bred, but that doesn't mean they aren't working hard for conservation now.

In the interest of fairness, Ringling has a link on their site ( to more information about their Conservation Center.

I am not saying that Ringling may not have failed to properly care for their animals in the past. I am saying that we need to look at all the facts from unbiased sources before we start making accusations.

Thank you for sharing your concerns with me. If you have any further information about the topic please email me using the link on my homepage.


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