Saturday, February 4, 2012

Visit San Antonio :: San Antonio Children's Museum

Ben dressed up like a Cowboy/Fisherman.

It seems that every good-sized city boasts of a children's museum. Some are great, some are mediocre. The San Antonio Children's Museum is AWESOME! It just might be my favorite children's museum.

What makes San Antonio Children's Museum so fantastic?

The Exhibits

The Children's Museum contains three floors of interactive exhibits. THREE floors of pretend play, answering "what happens if I..," and just having fun.

We had several favorite exhibits:

Our faces in Science City.

Connecting the Circuit Center in Science City lit up the sign.

We learned how to direct air pressure in the PowerBall Hall.

We pretended to work in a grocery store in the H.E.B. Kids' Market.

The Location

San Antonio Children's Museum is located in downtown San Antonio. It's within easy walking distance of the River Walk, The Alamo, hotels and restaurants.

We only had one day to spend downtown so we split our time between lunch at Fuddruckers, The Alamo and the Museum. Both grown-ups and children enjoyed a really fun day.

Visit San Antonio

I had a great time visiting San Antonio and can't wait to go back! In addition to our day downtown, we also spent a day at SeaWorld San Antonio. I'll share about our sopping wet day at SeaWorld in another post.

I highly recommend that YOU visit San Antonio. The warm winter weather makes San Antonio a great February Vacation or Spring Break destination!

Where is your favorite children's museum?
Disclosure: I have received NO compensation for this post. I had a great time with my family in San Antonio, Texas and think you will too.

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Carrie said...

That does look like a TON of fun!!! I'll have to remember that for the possible future we may or may not still have in Texas. =)

Stephanie Kay said...

Carrie, your guys would LOVE the Children's Museum. My family could have spent the entire time in Powerball Hall. There are tubes connected with air blowing through and holes you drop balls into. Then you open/close different flaps to direct the balls through the tubs and ultimately the fall into a hopper high overhead. When the hopper is full a light flashes and the hopper opens, dropping balls on waiting children. VERY fun!

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