Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flush the Toilet! :: Mom2Mom

Sooner or later every conversation between moms of young children turns to poop and pee.  We just can't help ourselves!

We discuss toilet training, diaper blow outs, and our favorite solutions for constipation.  Even moms with older or grown children frequently join this bizarre ritual.

Given this strange obsession, it only seems fitting that I add poop and pee to the list of Mom2Mom topics.

I'm currently in the process of potty training my 4th child.  The end of diapers is (hopefully!) in sight.  But once diapers are no longer part of my child's daily routine another problem develops - they don't flush.

Why can't my children remember to flush the toilet?!

We have 1.5 bathrooms for 6 people.  Neither of them is a master bathroom.  That means I share my bathrooms with 3 little BOYS and 1 little girl.  Little people who can't seem to remember to flush!

It's not like I didn't teach them during the training process.  "Do your business.  Flush the potty.  Clean your hands." was my mantra.  But the first part is the only one that took.

NOW I hear myself saying, "Did you flush the toilet?  Clean your hands?"  "Really? I didn't hear the water running."

At any given time during the day I can walk into the bathroom and find this (or worse!):

I'm definitely hitting an all time blogging low with that picture!

Seriously, do you have this problem at your house?  If not, what did you do to encourage flushing and hand cleaning? 


Rachel said...

Same problem...no answers. I'll be following the comments hoping we get some answers. I have the bonus of having a master bathroom which helps.

Sheila said...

If you catch them not flushing, you could have them practice. They have to go back (literally walk from wherever they were headed back to the bathroom) over and over again and practice flushing...same might work for washing hands. Our kids have had hand washing practice. They quickly realize it takes longer if mom catches you not washing than it would have to just wash them to begin with. If you don't know who the culprit is, though, I'm not sure how to solve the problem.

Stephanie Kay said...

Rachel, I'm envious of your master bathroom. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to share with them! :)

Sheila, when I catch them I do send them back but they don't seem to mind it. I don't think they're trying to save time. I think they just forget. And with 3 of them using the bathrooms it's hard to know who was the last one.

Lisa M said...

I share your pain, only they occasionally get it all over the toilet seat too, so I've learned to look before I "leap". How hard is it to get it ALL IN THE TOILET? At least they wash their hands...

Rachae and Janelle said...

Kids can be so cute, but so gross :)


Of Pandas and Pirates said...

Yes!! My 4 year old forgets to flush all the time. *sigh*

Danielle F. said...

Ugggg! yes, what is it with this? It's so simple, but my boys can't seem to remember either, they have their own bathroom so I don't go in there but by the end of the day when I go in their rooms to tuck them in it's like a punch in the nose, how can they live like that?!? I'm ready to lock the bathroom doors and make them go outside!

Stephanie Kay said...

Ha!ha! Danielle, we have a NO PEEING OUTSIDE Rule. Our neighbors are close and I don't want the backyard to smell like a latrine - which it would with my 3 boys!

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